Our Board Members

Mr. Lee Kwok Leung, joined the Company on 8 May 2014, He is a licensed person to carry out type 9 (asset management) regulated activity under the SFO. He has approximately 15 years of relevant experience by serving as one of the responsible officers of Success Talent Investments Limited (“Success Talent”), the investment manager of the Company, providing investment advisory services to and managing investment portfolios for professional/institutional investors mainly in Greater China and Hong Kong. Mr. Lee has strong experience in portfolio construction, portfolio management, risk assessment and investment due diligence. Furthermore, Mr. Lee was the Managing Director of BOCI Direct Management Limited from 1992 to 1999. In this private equity fund, he was responsible for the overall management of the fund.


Currently, Mr. Lee is the Chairman and an executive director of Mayer Holdings Limited (Stock code: 1116) and an independent non-executive director of Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited (stock code: 1076), both companies are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.