Our Highlights

Our Highlights


In Nov 2019 the CEO of Ooniq, Mr. Aleksandr Prochorov, a Lithunian Insurtech company, presented a souvenir to the CEO, Yeung Cheuk Kwong during the China High Tech Fair.

In Nov 2019, our CEO, Dr. Yeung Chuek Kwong met up with the TMT partner of KPMG Paris, Mr. Guillaume Livet.

In early 2017, we visited a young crowdfunding portal company in Zhongshan which provides a service platform for startup companies to obtain seed capital. This internet company has successfully arranged various crowdfunding projects for chain-restaurants and hotel operators.

In early 2016, we visited a tea company in Fuijian which provides high quality raw teas and refined teas.

In August, 2016, the Group was awarded two Silver Medals for APC awards which is arranged by the MerComm Inc of the U.S. for the category of traditional annual report of investment holding company and the category of banking and financial services Hong Kong/PRC. Our 2015 annual report adopts a new design which can illustrate the changes implemented by the new management and the desire to strengthen the investment portfolio of the company.