Shareholders Communication Policy


This Policy aims to set out the Company's strategies for maintaining continuous and open communication with its shareholders ("Shareholders") and, in appropriate circumstances, the investment community at large and reinforce the Company's commitment to keeping the market fully informed at all times of the material information about the Company and that Shareholders and investment community have simultaneous access to the key information relating to the Company.
For the purpose of this Policy, reference to the investment community is intended to include the Company’s potential investors as well as analysts reporting and analysing the Company’s performance.
General Policy
The Board shall maintain an on-going dialogue with Shareholders and the investment community and is aimed at establishing a two-way relationship and communication between the Company and its Shareholders.
Information shall be communicated to Shareholders and the investment community mainly through the following communication channels: -
Company's publications such as financial reports (interim and annual reports), results announcements, corporate announcement, circulars and other regulatory disclosures ("Corporate Communications");
the Company's websites(; and
annual general meetings and other general meetings.
Communication Strategies
Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications containing regulatory disclosures and notices of the Company will be provided to Shareholders in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirement applicable to the Company for the information or action of holders of its securities. Corporate Communications will be written in plain language and in both English and Chinese versions (as required under the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities (Listing Rules”) on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“Stock Exchange”) to facilitate Shareholders' understanding.
Shareholders may send over inquiries via email to the Company in order to facilitate effective communication.
Corporate Website
Information on the Company’s website ( with general information about the Company and its business will be updated on a regular basis. A dedicated website of IR Asia is available to maintain all documents uploaded by the Company to the Stock Exchange for at least 5 years.
Information released by the Company to the Stock Exchange is posted on the IR Asia website ( thereafter.
Shareholders' Meetings
Shareholders are encouraged to participate in general meetings or to appoint proxies to attend and, on poll, vote at meetings for and on their behalf if they are unable to attend the meetings.
The Chairman will allow reasonable time during the general meetings for questions and comments from Shareholders.
The process of the Company's general meetings will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis, and, if necessary, changes will be made to ensure that Shareholders' needs are best served.
Board members, appropriate management executives and professional advisors (as appropriate) and external auditors will attend annual general meetings where the Shareholders can express comments, ask questions and vote on the issues set out in the agenda.
Investment Market Communications
The Company's directors and employees who have contacts or dialogues with investors, analysts, media or other interested outside parties shall only explain information already in the public or discuss in general the markets in which the Company operates, and shall avoid giving answers which may provide unpublished or potential price sensitive information to the receiving party.
Shareholders' enquiries
Shareholders should direct their questions about their shareholdings to the Company's registrar in Tricor Tengis Limited.
Shareholders and the investment community may at any time make a request for the Company's information to the extent such information is publicly available.
Shareholders who intend to put forward their enquiries about the Company to the Board should contact the Company. The contact details of the Company are available on the Contact section of the Company’s website (
Shareholder Privacy
The Company recognizes the importance of Shareholders' privacy and will not disclose Shareholders' information without their consent, unless required by law to do so.
(adopted by the Board of China Internet Investment Finance Holdings Limited 31 December 2022)